Two faces of hospital care

Bob was born with four holes in his heart. He spent weeks in the hospital as an infant. One day his mother, Shannon, looked up as a nurse entered the hospital room. Shannon had noticed that one of the drugs Bob was getting through his IV was clear and the other was cloudy. Bob was supposed to get a big dose of one, and a small dose of the other. Shannon was startled by what she saw in the barrel of the syringe that the nurse was about to inject into Bob’s IV.

She blurted out, “That’s three times what he usually gets!”

Deadly Gaps In Health Care are Avoidable

This new column will be published every Sunday. It will explain how to avoid pitfalls that can harm you as you seek the very best care that modern medicine can give you.

When I was 15, I was rushed to the hospital because I almost stopped breathing. My throat was nearly swollen shut. I couldn't talk because of all the swelling. I was confined to bed because my doctor was worried that any movement at all could trigger a coughing attack that would completely close my throat. "Don't even try to whisper!" he warned me, for the same reason.


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