drug errors

Examine medicine carefully before taking it

Alex dropped his briefcase and the prescription bag he’d just picked up from the drugstore on the kitchen table. “Honey?” he called out. “I’m home.”

A couple of hours later, after dinner and the flurry of activity that having teenagers entailed, Alex ripped the bag open, twisted off the cap on the prescription bottle, and had a pill six inches from his mouth when he really looked at it for the first time.

It was orange. The pills he was used to taking were white.

Dealing with health care is scarier than being thrown by a wild horse

Terry has been working construction and driving trucks for more than thirty years. She has also ridden rogue horses as far back as she can remember, and once broke a thigh bone in four places when she was thrown. When she broke her wrist one weekend five years ago in another horse-riding accident, she didn’t want to waste money by going to the emergency room. She wrapped her wrist and waited until Monday to go see a doctor.

He told her that she’d never work again nor ride another wild horse -- if he didn’t operate on her wrist right away.

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