emergency room

Be on the alert for mistakes in the emergency room

Last year, Michelle fell off a ladder while fixing some Christmas lights that had come loose outside her suburban Virginia home. She landed awkwardly on her leg, and the pain was intense. She called her doctor. It was Dec. 23, and his office had closed at noon for the holiday. In a phone call, he told her to go to an urgent care clinic. The clinic took X-rays and sent her home.

Two minutes after her doctor's office reopened four days later, she got a dramatic call from him: Her leg was badly broken and she needed emergency surgery.

How do you get care in the ER that takes into account other medical conditions you have?

Suzanne was taken to the hospital because she had extremely severe stomach pains and vomiting. Her husband Al had never seen her so sick in the 30 years they had been married. It took hours and hours for the Manhattan emergency room to run diagnostic tests. In the meantime, Suzanne was still throwing up.

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